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A Message from our Service Manager "Mad Max"
Insist On Genuine Parts.
I am the Senior Service Tech, that is all I do.

It's important to remember every cart is the sum of its quality parts. Keeping your cart, through and through, year after year, is a wise investment. The best way to maintain your vehicle - and maximize its value - is through Genuine Parts & Accessories.

The reason is simple. All Genuine Cart Parts and Accessories are precision-crafted to the Mfg's strict specifications. You can be assured they are the same as the original components found on your vehicle.

Genuine Parts & Accessories are available only from worldwide network of Authorized Dealers and Distributors. I strive to purchase parts from Authorized Dealers and Distributors everywhere to repair your cart to the way you would only expect it to be.

Some repairs can be done on your site, call for our mobile unit to be dispatched to evaluate and in most cases repair on the spot at your site. Our service call is only $35. If you would prefer, you can also bring in your vehicle for service at our location. Either way, we strive to repair your vehicle as quickly as possible. We charge for only one service call per incident, if we don't have your part on our truck, you do not get charged for any further trips to get the part(s) for your vehicle to be repaired.

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